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Inflation In The USA

December 8th, 2009

Inflation In The USA Inflation is the Federal Reserve’s biggest challenge, according to a USA TODAY survey of 53 top economists, who predicted slightly slower expansion and somewhat sharper price pressures. Inflation is always a cause for concern fro the government of a country irrespective of which country you are in. In the United States of America as well, the rate of inflation has often been a contentious issue.

But over the years, the American economy is going through recession which is why the valure f their currency is faling down with respect to the other major currencies of the World. For example with respect to the Pound, Euro, Rupee and the Yen, the value of a dollare has always be on the decrese.

The United States of America is currently undergoing a recession phase due to increasing real estate prices, a reduction in the income of the average person and the rising oil prices all across the World which even went as high as 100 $ per barrel. Thus though the economy has been under recession, the actual rate of inflation will continue to remain low and satisfiable.

It has stayed within the permissible amounts of less than three percent and has not created much of a problem for the American economists or the American politicians. But if the inflation rate of the United States of America would go up then it would have a direct impact on the inflation rates of many of the countries of all over the world

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