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Inflation In The World

December 8th, 2009

Inflation In The World To be able to understand the rate of inflation in the World, we would have to be looking individually at the inflation rates of the countries. Almost all around the World the inflation seems to be going high as compared to what the inflation rates were perhaps about a decade or two back. The central banks of respective countries have been trying hard to be able to reduce the inflation rate in their respective countries and hence curb the effects of inflation. As per the data of the year 2007, such was the scenario of the inflation rates around the World.

In entire North America, that is the parts of the United States of America, Canada in the north and Mexico, the inflation rates were managed at a healthy two to five percent. But in South America it was a different story altogether with most of the countries displaying a very high rate of inflation as compared to parts of North America with the inflation rates going above the mark of fifteen percent in many countries. In parts of India and the nearby countries of Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan all belonging to the Indian subcontinent, the inflation rates at an average were found out to be between five to ten percent. In parts of china the inflation rates were a bit lower than that.

In all the parts of Europe, the inflation rate was manageable not going beyond the mark of five percent. But in parts of Africa, many countries had inflation rates above ten percent. Zimbabwe has seen the inflation rate going upward every year for the past few years. In Australia and New Zealand, the rate of inflation was again below five percent whereas in parts of Russia, it was more than ten percent.

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